Perfect Way to End the Week

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Thursday night featured a perfect baseball night between the Cougars and the Copperheads in Knoxville. Entering the game the Copperheads featured and undefeated record, while the Cougars we’re still looking for a win number one. The matchup featured Bryce Woody vs. red hot Jordan Davis. 


As we started our first nine inning game of the year with Woody and Davis rolling through both line-ups with ease. We went through four scoreless innings without any offense really being productive at all. This all changed in the fifth inning from the bats of Cade Gilbert, Cameron Payne, Brent Richey, and Jerry Hammonds. These Copperheads helped lunge their team into a commanding three run lead and how the game was going you would think that would have been enough.


In the seventh inning Chris Caldwell, Luke Shepard, and Cade Davis would put the Cougar lineup on their back and get within one run. Coach Carter could be heard in the dugout assuring his team that was their “best inning of the season”. The bats would fall silent as the Cougars would not score again leaving them winless on the road again.


The Copperheads heads had many bright spots however Cade Gilbert on the base paths and Brent Richey hitting a sac fly that scored Dom Leo effectively icing the game. There was no brighter spot than the Copperheads pitching staff. Despite one shaky inning Jordan Davis, Cameron Bloebaum, and Greg Tye proved again that they are one of the best bullpens in the Smokey Mountain league. 


Jordan Davis once again takes home Player of the Game honors as he tossed 5 scoreless innings with 2 hits, 2 walks, and 6 strikeouts. Davis once again put his team in a great situation to win the game and ultimately hand off the master piece to the solid bullpen. “Pitching to both sides of the plate and effectively using my off speed. Just being able to have fun and playing hard no matter the score” said Davis.


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