You can also find the schedule on the website at click tournaments and go to the event it will have it on description.


Event is three pool play with top 6 pool play winners advancing from 18u and 2 wildcards advancing. Pool F automatically will get two pool teams advance while the 8th team will be deemed by the next best overall team. 


While 16u is top 4 pool play winners and Pool C will automatically advance two teams and then the next best team overall will also get a wildcard bid. 



Winning Pool

Head to head (Which only occur for winning the pool)

Runs allowed

Runs Scored 

Run Difference Max 8

Coin Toss




 2 hour time limit




For 16u and 18u  there will be three baseballs provided to start each game.  Each team needs to put in 1 baseball before the game begins and then put in baseballs each equally is necessary.





A team Can bat as many players as they like as long as it is 9 players (DUH).  A team can start with a min of 8 players but the  9th hole will be an out. 


Catchers can wear a two piece max. 


Mound visits go by the old MLB rule or current NCAA ruling meaning you can have one mound visit an innings to a pitcher and the second visit you will have to pull him. 


Pitching Rules




Run Rules:


For all events


15 after 3

12 after 4

10 after 5

8 after 6 



All pool play games will end in a tie if score is tied and time limit has surpassed.  If the game is still tied after 7 innings and there is time left you will play 1 extra inning.  


We will have shirts, bats, and other items for sale at:


Friendship Christian

Station Camp



Other directors info is 


Garren Jackson 4235578380

Logan Cogburn  8653071388

Jake Blevins   8656962408

Lance Newman   4239566109


Finally:  IF there is a chance of rain in the forecast this is our rain and policy page goes,  along with the rules again:


We will send messages out on to the coaches through tourney machine.  We will also post on the main website (  IF delays or cancellations.  


The field owners/ coaches of the field will have final say.  We do have quick dry available to move to the fields as needed and will do everything we can to get games in.  


We will try to keep bracket play in affect as long as possible and move pool play games round if needed.  Hopefully we will not have to but just in case.


GATE FEE IS: 10 day and 15 weekend.