Trevan Myers

Name: Trevan Myers
Travel Team: East Tennessee Yankees 10u
Birthday: 8/30/2005
Position: P/3B
Height/Weight: 4’7"/74lbs

When did you start playing baseball?  

4 years old, in the back yard with my dad

What is your career goal?   

I want to go to college and pitch at Vanderbilt University, and hopefully play for the Atlanta Braves one day.

If baseball doesn't work out what do you want to do?  

I want to be a great coach like coach T and work with kids.

What is your typically routine to get ready for a game? Do you do anything unusual?  

I listen to music on the way to the game and joke around and hang out with my teammates.

Who’s your favorite player? 

Chipper Jones

What’s your favorite movie?  


**NET Elite's brief analysis: Trevan showed an aggressive approach at the plate, which resulted in some solid hits. He also displayed very sound and fluid mechanics on the mound."