Ethan Simpson

Name: Ethan Simpson
School/Travel Team: Alcoa Middle School/ Diamond Simcox Blue 12u
Birthday: 5/22/2003
Position: OF
Height/Weight: 5'9"/165 lbs

When did you start playing baseball?  

5 years old

What is your career goal?   

Play Division 1 baseball

If baseball doesn't work out what do you want to do?  

To become a robotics engineer

What is your typically routine to get ready for a game? Do you do anything unusual?  

I try to hit a bucket of balls into a net at home, relax, and play on my Kindle.

Who’s your favorite player? 

Mike Trout

What’s your favorite movie?  

The Perfect Game

**NET Elite's brief analysis: "In our Smokies Blast tournament, Ethan showed a great approach and excellent timing throughout the entire weekend. It seemed like every time he came up, he was hitting an extrra-base hit."