Will Gladson


Name: Will Gladson
High School: Dobyns-Bennett High School
Birthday: June 26, 2000
Class: 2018
Position: C
Height/Weight: 5’8”/170
College Commit: No
Travel Team: Tri-Cities Titans

When did you start playing baseball?  

Age 7

What is your career goal?   

I would love to play in the MLB.

If baseball doesn't work out what do you want to do?  

I want to pursue a Doctorate degree in Anesthesiology.

What is your typically routine to get ready for a game? Do you do anything unusual?  

I listen to music, stretch, and go over signs and play calls to mentally prepare myself for the game, but nothing unusual.

Who’s your favorite player? 

 Yadier Molina

What’s you favorite movie?  

Step Brothers